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Sun Devils Cheerleading Team
Sarasota Sun Devils take pride in our cheerleading program.

We are dedicated to building well-rounded athletes through an environment of positive energy, self- motivation and hard work. We are committed to being an educational program while creating a safe and fun environment. Our goal is to build confidence and inspire each and every child so that they may reach their goals and dreams that contribute to the success of the team. Our mission is to instill the life lessons of persistence, dedication and responsibility that will benefit them both on and off the field and competition cheer floor. We focus on perfecting competitive cheerleading skills and confidence at the core of every athlete's ability to shine.

Cori Yax
Cheer Director


Sarasota Sun Devils Cheerleaders
Sun Devils Trophy
Rosen Shingle Creek
Sun Devils Cheerleaders at Christmas
Trophies for Sarasota Cheerleading
2017 Southeast Region Cheer Runner Up
Trophy for Sun Devils Cheerleaders
Sun Devils at Wide World of Sports
Sarasota Cheerleading at Disney
Minnie Mouse Cheerleader
Sun Devils Cheerleaders
Witch at Cheerleading
Cheerleaders Sun Devils
Sun Devils Competing
Sun Devils Cheerleading at Disney
Sun Devils Cheerleading Practice
Sarasota Cheerleading All Ages
Sarasota Sun Devils Cheerleaders Picture
Sun Devil Cheerleading Team
Sarasota Youth Football Cheerleaders
Sun Devils Cheerleading Competition
Sun Devils Cheerleading Competition
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Cheerleaders Practicing in Sarasota
Sun Devil Cheerleaders at Game
Sarasota Sun Devils Homecoming
Cheerleaders for Sun Devils Football
Sarasota Cheerleaders Sun Devils

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